Cost consultancy forms part of what a Building Surveyor does every day and we therefore have the required skills to provide cost advice for most construction projects. We can employ a variety of techniques to determine the cost of a building project using a cost per square metre initially to provide indicative costs and thereafter developing detailed spreadsheets as a project builds momentum and more information is available.

Equally, we can be introduced to projects which are underway to advise on or interrogate costs which are being submitted to a client.

We can provide cost advice on completed projects where support may be required either as an expert providing advice on quantum issues or assisting at a leasehold valuation tribunal where costs are being challenged and support from an external independent expert is required.

We gather our cost information from a variety of sources. Data gathered from real life projects provides one of the most reliable sources but where this is not available historic information, suitably adjusted can be used. Otherwise costs can be built up from first principles.