We have considerable and wide ranging experience in acting as surveyors appointed under the provisions of the Party Wall etc Act 1996. We provide this service as both Building Owner’s surveyor and Adjoining Owner’s surveyor for a variety of clients including private developers, individuals, companies and suchlike. As part of this, we frequently provide advice to developers so that the full extent of liabilities is understood at an early stage, allowing site layouts to be optimised; equally we have advised solicitors on party wall matters where our detailed knowledge of the legislation and how it works can be something of an education!

We also deal with other neighbourly matters such as negotiating crane and scaffolding licences, access onto neighbouring land for repairs and maintenance and dealing with boundary disputes. Recording schedules of condition forms part of this service and although not always required, we are often asked to record the condition of areas adjacent to development sites; this has included structures such as a water tower, roads, bridges and underground infrastructure.

Our work as party wall surveyors ranges from simple projects such as loft conversions where we may be appointed as ‘Agreed Surveyor’ through to major redevelopment schemes where there may be a substantial number of adjoining owners with a variety of interests in an adjoining building.

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