Beam Brook Cottage

Apr 15, 2021

BPG’s latest residential project has been submitted for planning approval.  This original cottage is a 1900 Victorian cottage characterised by small rooms and reduced windows and views of the outside space surrounding the property.   The occupants are a growing family and with an increased requirement to work from home for both the owners, the applicants are seeking to extend and refurbish this cottage.

The ground floor extension has been envisaged as a contemporary built element with a flat roof to reduce its visual impact on the adjacent properties.  The existing floor structure to the loft is proposed to be lowered to provide adequate headroom to create a third bedroom. The existing stair providing access to the loft will be replaced with a new stair. A new dormer with a flat roof is proposed to the rear elevation in the loft space. This dormer will provide just enough space for this third bedroom and some general storage space.