Our responsibility to the environment is primary in our approach to all the work we do. With this principle we ensure that our work is designed from the outset as sustainable, rather than using high tech ‘green’ solutions as an afterthought.

Through careful design, planning and coordination we ensure the efficiency of projects to minimise their impact and reduce any potential waste of valuable materials and resources.

We are committed to producing work that performs to a high level of environmental excellence regardless of the scale of the project.

The practice is ISO 9001 and 14001 registered.

Office recycling

2017: 1032 kg
2018: 1445 kg
2019 – 6 months:  1116 kg


2017: 6,379 kwh
2018: 11,747 kwh
2019 – 3 months: 1998 kwh

2017: 15,160 kwh
2018: 14,614 kwh
2019 – 3 months: 6,860 kwh

Office Travel

2017: 31,128 miles
2018 – 3 months: 6,468 miles

Office paper

2017: 933 reams
2018: 130 reams
2019 – 3 months: 45 reams

Policy & Certification of Standards

Environmental Policy

BPG are committed to designing responsive buildings that are energy efficient and environmentally considerate. We use a fabric first approach to achieving sustainable design solutions that are integrated into the building not bolted on.

Our practice has sustainability champion who promotes green design throughout the practice and helps maintain our ISO 14001 2015 Environmental Management System.

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