Jul 22, 2020

BPG are pleased to have submitted another planning application located in the London Borough of Bexley in the District Centre of Belvedere on Nuxley Road. Nuxley Road is a borough distributor road with a mix of convenience trade units at ground floor level and residential at first floor level. Many of the buildings are mid-Victorian in origin and the centre has a unique ‘village’ atmosphere The current building accommodation is in urgent need of repair and the owner of the site would like to take this opportunity to improve the property with a high quality proposal that takes in to account the local character of the area and follows the recommendations.

The proposal will provide a refurbished restaurant at ground floor level and an HMO with seven units at first floor level, creating an additional floor space of 21.2m².  The proposed ground floor refurbishment and first floor roof extension has been designed to be in keeping with the surrounding buildings and materials used along the street scene creating a robust street scape and space for the local population to enjoy. The new works will use materials and construction types that match the neighbourhood that reflect those found elsewhere in the vicinity. The visual appearance and street presence of the building will be enhanced by the proposed design.