Langdale House

Jul 10, 2020

Planning approval received

BPG are pleased to announce that planning approval has been granted for the proposed walkway enclosures of Langdale House.  BPG were appointed by Origin Housing to propose solutions to issues with drainage and standing water on the existing external walkways.

The proposed system comprises of u-shaped glazing modules which are fitted top and bottom in a vertical configuration within an aluminium framework.  The system offers a choice of glazing options.  The use of transparent glazing to enclose the walkways will ensure that access to light is not restricted to existing flats.

Use of this particular system comprising of modular vertical glazing panes with ventilation gaps will maintain continuity of ventilation within the newly enclosed walkways.  The proposed system can also be fixed to the external face of the existing walkway allowing installation of the system while the flats are occupied.  Since access to the flats will be retained there will be minimal disruption to residents while the works are carried out.