New Management

Jan 15, 2021

Further to the announcement that BPG Architects and Surveyors had become an Employee Owned Business in October 2020 the planned changes to the Board of Directors have now been implemented.

Robin Goddard and Roger Mahoney have resigned as directors but remain employees with the title of ‘consultants’ they will remain involved with the management of the firm for several months to come.

Stepping up as new directors are Colm Murphy and Maria Poveda who will work alongside Chris Bula who remains as a director.  Colm and Maria have been involved in the management of the business for some time and we congratulate them on their promotion within the practice.

Seamless succession planning and promotion from within the ranks of existing staff was one of the key reasons for the transition to the Employee Ownership model. The business will continue to operate exactly as before whilst the new directors find their feet and the old directors look forward to their retirement in due course.

This is an exciting time as the practice approaches it’s 33rd birthday in March 2021 and everyone at BPG Architects + Surveyors is looking to the future with a collective enthusiasm.


Chris Bula

Colm Murphy

Maria Poveda

Robin Goddard

Roger Mahoney

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