Sudbury House – Concrete Block Removal

Aug 17, 2020

!Through the early hours of Wednesday 5th August 2020 late night travellers may have been inconvenienced once again on the A3 in Wandsworth town centre with another road closure.

A 250-ton crane was employed together with a pair of very high capacity low loaders to take away two large concrete blocks that had supported the giant columns and beams that had held up the scaffold for the re-cladding of Sudbury House that is now drawing to a conclusion.

Each block of solid in situ reinforced concrete weighed over 50 tons. Exemplary foresight over two years earlier had ensured very robust lifting eyes had also been cast-in to the megaliths.

Although it can be neither officially confirmed nor denied, there is a strong rumour that through the darkness they were both transported in a westerly direction to end their lives as targets somewhere remote on Salisbury Plain.

This was welcome news as our Environmental Management System demands that recycling and re-purposing is considered as a key goal – although not necessarily in such dramatic fashion.

See the video opposite for the process of removing these blocks!